roadMX calculator

roadMX – Road Utility Pricing

Base Package

AUD$0.90c / unique lane-km / week

The solution includes:


  • Pothole size and location reporting
  • Segmented local roads (State / Federal road coverage excluded)
  • Coverage reporting and video retrieval*


Use the calculator below to work out how much a roadMX system could cost your organisation:

Please note: the calculation is based on there being 100% coverage and assessment. If coverage of an area is reduced, you will only be charged for the actual area monitored and assessed by Black Moth.

What are the hardware costs?

Up to 10 roadMX cameras for network coverage are included for free in the price of the base package (available Dec 2021). Additional cameras are available for $200 / month per camera. Installation is not included as standard but Black Moth can arrange for installation and setup for an additional fee.

What is a ‘unique lane-km’? 

A unique lane-km is a segment of road (up to two lanes in a single direction) that has been uniquely covered by one of our roadMX cameras.
For example, if a 1km segment of a dual carriageway is covered by 5 roadMX cameras in a given week accounting period, we only count that assessment as 1 lane-km.

Can roadMX work with or without waste fleets?

If waste fleets are fitted, additional cameras can be added to other council machinery assets. Also if councils have other non-waste assets that regularly cover the region these can also be utilised under the utility plan. Any uniqueness of coverage will only be included.  These may be useful where councils have a relatively equal mix of paved and unpaved roads (and consequently no waste service in regional roads) and dedicated passes of specific roads may be required from time to time.

Additional options

Other object models, as they become available, will be separately priced $0.01 to $0.05c / unique lane-km / week.


COMING SOON: Cracking severity by location/region – $0.025c / lane-km / week.

Video storage

Longer term video storage options are available – up to 6 months. Talk to us about our depotCONNECT solution to find out more.


Councils with a pre-existing affiliation with JJ Richards are eligible for a discount upon application, due to an existing infrastructure fitted base.


Black Moth uses RAIL for licensing to end-users. Find out more:
*  Additional over-the-air data charges may apply