atlas system

The atlas system allows operators to visualise everything around the vehicle at all times – on site and on the road. 360° vision including truck reverse camera and object detection capabilities help to make drivers aware of hazards and avoid incidents, which leads to improved safety and reduced cost. Monitoring and recording of events allows evidence to be provided in the case of an accident or claim. Due to claim mitigation and lower insurance premiums, the atlas system potentially pays for itself many times over.

  • Imagery is merged to gain 360º vision, giving a full hemispherical view
  • Object recognition capabilities allow for warnings when objects or people are within range of a machine
  • An additional camera can be utilised for any machine specific application
  • Seamless vehicle interaction when reversing or indicating
  • Footage is recorded in high definition using industrial grade HDR image sensors
  • Data is stored on a Solid State Drive (SSD) and maintained on a continuous loop for approx. one month
    (typical usage)
  • All components are tested under extreme environmental conditions including temperature, water and dust ingress, and vibration


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The tigerMX-5 records high resolution imagery providing conclusive evidence in the event of an incident.
Captured footage can be retrieved on demand for monitoring or investigation purposes.

  • Low profile housing for flexible in-cab mounting options and easy access
  • Sturdy single cast host box with a fanless design
  • Industry leading LEMO® connectors for extreme reliability
  • GPS to determine the exact vehicle location
  • Wi-Fi for enhanced compatibility
  • Cellular module to connect to 3G/4G phone networks
  • Provides a second computer module to simultaneously run existing operator software
    (e.g. fleet management) on the same hardware platform
  • Automatic data download capability when in range of the base Wi-Fi hub
  • SSD to save footage on a rolling loop for up to five cameras
  • CAN interface for vehicle communication
  • Heavy duty ride-through capacitance system for cranking periods at vehicle startup displays


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The smartMX-180 delivers high-quality streamed imagery for efficient and seamless monitoring of operations. Our rugged truck cameras provide increased driver awareness around vehicles helping to prevent incidents and leading to safer worksites.

  • Crisp and clear videos and snapshots at up to 30 frames per second, captured with high sensitivity
    HDR image sensors
  • Full coverage with 180° horizontal and 160⁰ vertical field of view eliminating blind spots
  • On-board image processing and video streaming for extremely fast data collection
  • Each camera capable of processing its environment independently to achieve short response times for early
    detection of risks
  • Easily withstands high pressure wash downs (IP69K), severe vibration and operation in extreme
    (-40°C to +65°C)

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The viewMT-101 displays clear and detailed footage in a wide viewing angle, to improve safety around vehicles.
With high quality imagery and a small footprint, the LCD display adds sizeable value without impacting cabin real estate.

  • True sunlight readable 10.4” touch screen for less visual fatigue
  • Variable backlight functionality for night operations
  • Operates from 9V to 34V DC, has load dump and transient power protection to connect
    directly to vehicle power
  • Equipped with DEUTSCH and LEMO® connectors for extreme reliability
  • Configurable to wide angle or split screen scenarios to suit customer requirements
  • Compact design allows ease of set up
  • Internal speaker permits audio and warning tones to be easily heard
  • Low power consumption of less than 11 watts


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